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✳️ 7 Clever Sewing Tips and Tricks / Sewing Technique for Beginners

Most of the time, beginners would find sewing difficult. Are you one of them? Then, allow us to teach you some helpful tips and tricks that will keep you motivated and help you get started!

The tips and tricks that we’re about to share can make your sewing better and faster without going through some complex procedure to have the successful outcome that you always want. Include these tips and tricks to your sewing skill and you’ll be an expert in no time!


Here are some important tips to make before starting on your sewing project by "DIY Trefa" or "Trefa Craft" Youtube Channel

😲Wow great! Extremely Special Sewing tips and tricks Turn sewing machines into embroidery machines

Learn the best sewing hacks to make your sewing hobby a lot easier and even more fun! With these creative and genius sewing tricks, hacks, and hand sewing tips, you’ll be sewing like a pro in no time. Time to head into your sewing room and try these tips!

I’m so excited to use some of these embroidery hacks on my next sewing projects!

What other sewing hacks and tricks do you know? Share them with us in the "DIY Trefa" or "Trefa Craft" Youtube Channel !

✳️ Wow! 12 Smart and Great Sewing Tips

Learn How to Sew

Sewing is one of the most critical disciplines in fashion design. Our sewing video lessons cover everything from learning how to thread a sewing machine to learning how to sew one of the most challenging materials of all, leather. Click on any videos tutorial in our "DIY Trefa" or "Trefa Craft" Youtube Channel, to learn more about that lesson.

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Sewing Tips for Beginners

I was looking over some of my past sewing related videos tutorial posts by our "DIY Trefa" or "Trefa Craft" Youtube Channel and it occurred to me that new readers might not know what is available. So, I’ve put together a roundup of some of my own Sewing Tips for Beginners. Because y’all know that in my sewing heart of hearts I’m really passionate about encouraging new sewists.

How to Sew – A Beginners Guide to Sewing

One of the best things I ever learned was how to sew. It’s a truly useful skill that always seems to come in handy and makes a great hobby. And I love sharing all the best tips and tricks to learn to sew, because I don’t want to be the ONLY one that knows how to sew, right?! That’s no fun! It’s like when you own a truck and all your friends want you to come to help them move. Being the only person that knows how to sew, that’s a bummer!  So, of course, I’m here sharing all the nitty-gritty details about everything I wish I’d know when I started sewing. I share with you How to Sew – A Beginners Guide to Sewing that covers everything from the basics of what you need to get started, a little breakdown of what it means to do hand sewing vs. sewing with a machine (and the benefits you can get for both), as well as some of my favorite sewing tips – and as a bonus, my favorite FREE sewing patterns and tutorials that are awesome for beginners and absolutely fun. If this sounds up your alley, but you’re not quite up to the challenge yet (or you just want to come back to it again because it’s a lot of information), be sure to pin this to your favorite sewing tips board on Pinterest so you can find it again quickly when you’re ready for your new hobby.